We provide cost effective remote video surveillance,
the best defense against crime.

We protect: Construction Sites | Storage Yards | Car Dealerships | Parking Lots | Isolated Commercial Warehouses | Retail Stores | Remote Industrial Sites | Remote Utilities Infrastructure | Lone Worker Protection | Loitering Patrons | Recreation Property | Private Residence | High Valued Asset Protection | Virtual Concierge Services | ATM’s and Vending Machines
  • Security operatives in direct contact with local law enforcement
  • 2-way audio alerts intruders before they cause damage
  • Eliminate false alarms 100%
  • Flexible remote-management
  • Eliminate salaries, uniforms, and other expenses
  • Robust failure detection and backup support
  • Multi-layered access control
  • Stop crime before it happens

Live Video Monitoring

Our highly trained staff monitors the outside and inside of your property to help prevent crimes before they happen.

2-way Audio

Live real-time 2-Way audio discourages potential criminal behavior including vagrancy and loitering.

Affordable Monthly Rate

Contact us for a free estimate. iVision’s proactive surveillance personnel watch your perimeter 365 days per year.

Typical security systems are reactive. Designed for interior spaces, they wait for an event to trigger an alarm and alert the police after criminals have already been on your property. These automated systems often generate false calls which are largely ignored by law enforcement. Theft and property damage costs thousands of dollars.

iVision’s proactive live-video surveillance personnel watch your perimeter and assets 365 days per year. When our trained operators see suspicious activity they are immediately in direct communication with local law enforcement. Real-time surveillance reports crime in progress resulting in faster police response times.

Call us today to get your iVision live video monitoring services.

Proactive Security

iVision takes a proactive approach with surveillance. Our highly trained staff monitor your property to help prevent crimes before they happen.

We don’t wait for alarms. We evaluate suspicious activity in real time. iVision live video surveillance monitors unusual activity on rooftops, alleys, perimeters, storefronts, parking lots, and other locations that traditional security methods cannot protect.

Feel secure knowing your assets and environment are monitored.



What are clients are saying…

  • We are very pleased with the monitoring solutions, pricing and service that has been provided Active Watch. Overall, the monitoring services have been both effective in proactively preventing crime and has been very cost efficient due to their competitive rates charged for this service. We intend in using this service into the future.

    Bruce Sanderson
    True North Tel Inc.
  • We have worked with Active Watch on several sites and they have effectively helped capture many intruders on those locations. Their verified solution has proven to be very effective.

    George Baker
    Advanced Integrated Security Ltd.

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